The Music Troupe

performing fresh, crunchy operas!


The Music Troupe was formed in 2013 as we assembled a cast for the first performances of Six Characters in Search of a Stage. The brainchild of composer Edward Lambert, our aim was to bring back the art of 'beautiful singing' into new operas that are designed for smaller spaces... we're looking to create operas that aren't 'scaled-down' productions of bigger works (no Carmens, La Traviatas or Bohemes!) but genuine chamber operas in which the music and drama are tailored (not trimmed) to an intimate experience.

"...the next generation is looking to buy their vegetables at a farmers' market, not a supermarket. They want that taste, that crunch, that flavour. I think they're looking for more intimate musical experiences where you're close enough to taste the quality of the work. Opera can operate on many different levels, for many different metabolisms and on many different social scales and that diversity is a very good thing." Peter Sellars, The Independent, 26/02/2015

The Music Troupe is a member of the Opera and Music Theatre Forum.

Registered charity 1161386




Opera With A Title
August 2105

"...a challengingly surrealist operatic production"

(photos: Claire Shovelton)




The Catfish Conundrum
August 2014 & May 2105

"...a rather quirky and entertaining piece which had a very real point to make"
Planet Hugill)

(photos: Claire Shovelton)





Six Characters in Search of a Stage
May 2014

"...a fabulous piece of theatre...
great entertainment..."
(Newbury Weekly News)


✩✩✩✩ "Bite sized opera strikes gold... An impressive debut with all the ingredients of a full length opera... all played out in just 55 minutes, this rich mix of interlocking characters bring their theatrical performances to an intense climax of pain and despair. There is much to commend this lively production..." (

"Lambert's music always strongly directional and full of emotion... This was a fabulous piece of theatre..." (Newbury Weekly News)

✩✩✩✩✩ "This short opera succeeds in holding the attention of the audience due to its fast pace, stylish production...and Lambert's strikingly lively score". (Jill Barlow on Planet Hugill)